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Global Bio Summit

The Bio Creation Station - Jan 2022

This BIO-BAG was exhibited in The Bio Creation Station, Virtual Gallery as a part of The Global Community Bio Summit 6.0.

The work can be found here:

Designed to biodegrade within a few years this bag is a living product. It was designed, it was born, it will live and it will degrade.

Designed and created in my own home within the span of 2 days using agar, glycerine, water, newspaper, and hand stitch. This simple process has the potential to expand and inspire others, to look within their own homes and environments to create sustainable products, packaging, or accessories, etc themselves. With everyday items such as fruit, coffee, tea, water, gelatine, or glycerine they can create their own biomaterials to evolve a more sustainable future.

We all contribute to a take, make society so why not make this change ourselves?

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